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Elim Spa Products

Manufacture and exports to 40 Countries

Elim Spa Products are used in treatments in the most sought-after hotels globally, including the Mandala - Berlin, The Fairmont – Monaco and the Taj Mahal in India.


I am responsible for Elim’s multinational online presence: 

Elim Spa Products was a B-2-B company until I innovated their online presence and transitioned the brand to target and aquire customers directly.  


New Website

Full Access for Professionals

Shop for Retail

Websites for Multiple Countries 

Direct People to the  Products Range

Landing Page for Easy Navigation

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When posting on Social Media you have to think why would the person you marketing to click on it .

From the post to a blog now you can sell 

Gosh, if i was Pregnant I would want to know how to prevent stretch Marks!

Social Media


Global Brand award

Elim Spa Products wins the Global Brand Award 2019


Logo Design and Concepts

grab akk.png


I was approached by a company 3 weeks before a major event after another supplier let them down. I created their logo, content, radio and video ads, website, social media and built their ticket booking system in 1 week.

Radio & Video ad


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Online Store Concept

From conceiving the brand bible to taking pictues for content and products and building online store concepts

Great looking collections

Making Products standout

Ui/Ux Flow For Customer

Working out the UI is the most critical element when designing an app. Most of the time steps are left out, which ends up costing the company to add the elements later. 

Ui/Ux IN the Banking Space

Having completed a few fintech projects, I quickly developed an understanding of payment gateways, credit card data storage, online and offline wallet functionality and more. Understanding the tech makes the Ui and UX easier for me to manage a team when designing it.


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From concept to logo and website design, to booking system and full social media, to full photo and video management


One of the restaurants i manage online. This includes creating their website and managing SEO and all digital content, from new menus and food photography and all media


More Website Examples

Some Google Business Stats for 1 of the Restaurants 

More Website Examples

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